Bobby Dhanoa, Google
Bobby Dhanoa
Vice President, Extended Workforce Solutions

Bobby is vice president at Google. She is an award-winning procurement executive with 20+ years of experience across a range of industries including technology, banking, professional services, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail and oil and gas. Bobby has a proven track record of transforming contingent workforces and procurement functions by creating strong alliances with the business and suppliers, creating clear strategic direction, embracing new technology, and aligning talent and organisational capability to deliver. He has built strong and motivated teams that deliver profound and lasting change, driving greater value for the business and creating a culture of empowerment for people. Driven by constant need to innovate, Bobby creates a more intuitive and frictionless experience for users through implementing automation and digitisation. She is a strong advocate for ESG, diversity and inclusion and is the Women@ lead at Google, which mentors women in support of their career progression. She was also a sustainability and diversity supply chain champion at HSBC, and provides counsel to organisations to help them achieve their diversity goals.